When it comes to the Ghostbusters reboot, we've already seen the reimagined Ecto-1 car and an annotated snap of the new proton pack from director Paul Feig. Now though, we've got our first glimpse of all four 'busters wearing their new uniforms.

One of the biggest challenges of photographing the native glow worms of New Zealand's limestone caves is standing in freezing water for hours at a time.

A Wisconsin robbery and auto theft suspect was captured by police thanks to a borrowed drone on May 31, according to court papers filed yesterday in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Enlarge A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers and a collaborator from China have developed a nanogenerator that harvests energy from a car's rolling tire friction.

Director Justin Lin confirmed on Twitter last night that the third installment of the Star Trek series will be called Star Trek Beyond. The announcement includes a picture of the franchise's now familiar delta shield on a retro sleeve patch that takes you right back to the '60s.

If you travel with any regularity, this versatile little gadget may just be your new best friend. They call it the RAVPower FileHub, but that name doesn’t do it justice, because it’s really three gadgets in one:

A team of researchers led by UCLA electrical engineers has demonstrated a new way to harness light particles, or photons, that are connected to each other and act in unison no matter how far apart they are —a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement.

Say the word "display" and one easily anticipates an image on a screen or on a table surface or within a next-gen box enclosure. Last year, Aerial Burton went another route reminding everyone that something else is possible.

Who has never dreamt of having a machine that can materialise any object we need out of thin air at the push of a button? Such machines only exist in the minds of science fiction enthusiasts and the film industry.

Android: Entering text on your smartphone has gotten easier over the years, but it’s still not quite as easy as a desktop. Inputting+ helps by bringing some key features, including undo, redo, and find and replace.

Sick of walking over to the mailbox only to find it empty? Adafruit has a guide for building a system where you’ll get notified when the mail arrives. The system here uses a couple XBees pieces, the Flora, and a bunch of other random parts.