Kindle Paperwhite: better or worse reading experience?

Is the new Kindle Paperwhite really better than the previous generation of that ebook reader?

Ok, now, I'm not yet an ebook reader owner and I was trying to understand what would be the best choice for me.  

Since I am already an Amazon customer and considering the fact that there is any e-ink Android ebook reader (and therefore would tend to exclude the play market), I think I'm going to buy a Kindle, but which one?

Reading various reviews I realized that the Kindle Paperwhite, the newborn reader at Amazon's, could not be the best choice. Why? So, let's see in details a comparison between the Paperwhite and Keyboard:

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Keyboard
Screen Size
The screen size is the same, so it is not 
influential in the choice.
Display Technology
Paperwhite Built-in light
E Ink Pearl
Paperwhite is the new technology, but is nothing
 more than the E Ink Pearl with a layer that 
allows you to illuminate the surface of the 
reader so theoretically relaxing, but reading 
some reviews it seems that after a while this 
type of lighting tends to tire the eyes.
Resolution/Pixel Density
212 PPI
167 PPI
The resolution has been improved on the 
Paperwhite, but in the eInk field I do not think
 this is great step forward.
Stereo speakers
On the Audio side the Kindle Keyboard wins 
the battle, letting us use the kindle also for audio
 books and text-to-speech, also the 
Whispersync works for audio books 
(bookmark synchronization between the various 
devices). On the KindlePaperwhite the audio
 has been completely removed.
2GB on device + free cloud storage for all Amazon content
4GB on device + free cloud storage for all Amazon content
Ok, 2 GB for an ebook reader is enough, but if 
this will also be used to display other type of 
files, like PDF containing images that I afraid it 
may run out of memory quickly.
170x117x9.1 mm
190x122x8.6 mm
The Kindle Keyboard is obviously bigger as it 
has in addition to the keyboard, but from my 
point of view, this longer length also makes it 
easier to handle. Furthermore the higher 
location of the screen makes reading more 
convenient if made ​​from certain positions, such 
as lying in bed with the reader on the chest.
221 g
247 g
A small difference but in the long run could be felt.
Battery Life
8 weeks (wireless off)
8 weeks (wireless off)
Experimental browser
Experimental browser
2-point multi-touch
Keyboard + 5-way controller + "Next Page" and "Previous Page" buttons on both sides
All the buttons have been removed from the 
Paperwhite (except the power button). I do not
 think this is a good idea, especially because for 
every page turn the thumb should move on the 
 screen as in previous versions could sit quietly 
resting on the "Next Page" button on both sides
 of the Kindle. In addition, the physical 
keyboard is still the best for those who have to 
write notes or for those who want to use the 
kindle for surfing the Web.

Let me repeat that I have not bought neither one, nor the other, so these are only considerations related to an analysis of the reviews found on the internet.

via Kindle Paperwhite
via Kindle Keyboard
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