Office Weapons Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Kill Your Boss with Paperclips

We’ve all been there. You hate your job, you’re bored, and most of all- you very passionately want to harm your boss or co-worker. I know, me too. You can’t very well smuggle weaponry into the office, and all those items are both expensive and dangerous to yourself and others. So only if there were an instruction manual to help you turn everyday office supplies into WMDs (weapons of minimal destruction).

May I present Office Weapons: a complete step by step guide for thirty different office pranks because hey, we don’t really want you to harm people, but it’s more fun to have pencil fights at work than it is to process invoices. Some of these projects include:
    Office Booby Trap Simple Paper Clip Gun
    Office Sling Shot
    Arrows for Paper Clip Bow
    Office Stationery Darts
    Binder Clip Catapult
    Office Supplies Grappling Gun
    And more!

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